Ağlama Anne | Nu plange mama

Ağlama Anne | Nu plange mama Serial Turcesc Online Tradus HD

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Ai disponibile toate episoadele subtitrate in romana din Ağlama Anne | Nu plange mama. Urmareste noile episoade subtitrate in romana fara intrerupere.

Damla took care of her daughter Zeynep, whom her older sister Alev introduced into the world illegally and tried to kill her. Damla has devoted her total life to Zeynep, lived like deep in her father Hasan’s home, failed to determine her own residence and is at risk of shedding her Zeynep, to whom she gave every thing right now. The one aim of Alev, who was launched early for good habits, is to confront Damla with years of regret and regret and to deliver her daughter again!

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