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The Gift (ATIYE) – Darul Serial Turcesc Online Tradus HD

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Ai disponibile toate episoadele subtitrate in romana din The Gift (ATIYE) – Darul. Urmareste noile episoade subtitrate in romana fara intrerupere.

Inspired by the book “The Awakening of the world” by shengul Boybash, the series focuses on the mystical story of a woman named Atiye, a young and beautiful painter. Atiye’s life, which has a happy life with his family and lover Bard, one day becomes completely different with his visit to Göbeklitepe, the oldest temple in the world. During atiye’s trip to the region, an archaeologist named Erhan discovers a symbol of a mystical connection between Atiye and Göbeklitepe. Atiye, who decides to pursue this mysterious event, begins to search for his past in this ancient temple, which opens a completely different door for him. As Atiye opens the doors of the past, he begins to question the past and the future, everything between the truth and the spiritual.

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