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Ai disponibile toate episoadele subtitrate in romana din Kizim | Fetiţa mea. Urmareste noile episoade subtitrate in romana fara intrerupere.

Öykü, eight years old, is an exceptional little girl, who, unlike her colleagues, is very empathetic and perceptive of the world around her. When her aunt, who was her caregiver at birth, abandons her, Öykü will have to find her father, Demir. Unfortunately, Demir, an irresponsible ADULT and a crook who grew up in an orphanage, is arrested the day Öykü comes to find him. Demir is released by the court on the condition that he take care of his daughter, but Demir does not want to live with Öykü, whom he met – Demir and his partner-in-crime Ugur were trying to get rid of Öykü so that they could escape. prepare for a great job. Their target, Candan has a seemingly quiet life, which only hides her painful past. Fate will bring these people together, but no one knows that Öykü has a secret she can’t tell anyone.

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Episoade: Kizim | Fetiţa mea


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